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Name: Kelvin & Sabrinna
About us: All about our family & frens and little loved ones
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    Tuesday, January 19, 2010

    The Light Of My Life

    In the darkness,

    I found your light.

    When all was hopeless,

    your beauty shown bright.

    When I thought that I

    could love no more.

    You touched my heart,

    to the very core.

    You made me smile,

    when I could only frown.

    You picked me up

    when I was down.

    When all was lost

    you gave me life.

    You brought me joy

    instead of strife.

    Now i think of you

    every day and night.

    you came into my life

    and made everything right.

    i smile when we're together

    and when we are apart.

    the presence of your beauty

    stops my very heart.

    i hope as time goes on

    you will see how i feel.

    and i hope that you will see

    that these feelings are for real.

    I love you truly,

    I love you wholly.

    I love you completely,

    I love you solely.

    This is for someone very special in my life. They know who they are. I could not get through the day without them.

    Hearts Dear
    12:50 AM