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    Tuesday, January 19, 2010

    The Light Of My Life

    In the darkness,

    I found your light.

    When all was hopeless,

    your beauty shown bright.

    When I thought that I

    could love no more.

    You touched my heart,

    to the very core.

    You made me smile,

    when I could only frown.

    You picked me up

    when I was down.

    When all was lost

    you gave me life.

    You brought me joy

    instead of strife.

    Now i think of you

    every day and night.

    you came into my life

    and made everything right.

    i smile when we're together

    and when we are apart.

    the presence of your beauty

    stops my very heart.

    i hope as time goes on

    you will see how i feel.

    and i hope that you will see

    that these feelings are for real.

    I love you truly,

    I love you wholly.

    I love you completely,

    I love you solely.

    This is for someone very special in my life. They know who they are. I could not get through the day without them.

    Hearts Dear
    12:50 AM

    I can't sleep

    - by Ashley

    I cant eat, I cant sleep

    I think about you day and night

    Why cant I ever learn

    That you will be alright,

    Ever since the fight

    I wish I could hold you tight

    I thought you were the one

    I thought you were my boo

    But now I know that could never be true

    You told me that you loved me

    You said you wouldnt lie

    You said you wouldnt go out

    The night that you got high

    You went to that party

    Although you said you wouldnt

    You tried to drive home

    Though you were so drunk that you couldnt

    I wish that you were alive

    So that I could tell you one more time

    That I love you and goodbye

    Hearts Dear
    12:46 AM

    Thursday, December 24, 2009

    Watched Avatar at Marina last night with Kel, it was a truly amazing movie with all its 3d effects. We both enjoyed it tremendously and Yes we deliberately did not bring both kids as we had already put them both to sleep and we brought them both the night before to watch Bodyguard n Assassins. The kids have been rather good recently, very obedient when it comes to Studying but when put together for Play, its like the East meets West.

    Each day when I go out further than the boundaries of Bedok South, I get really worried as the bubble may burst anytime. So far I tink everything is in place and most things prepared. I pray this will be a smooth transistion for us. :)

    Anyway pls go watch Avatar, coming back to the topic of the movie we caught last night, i seem to deviate alot these days. Worrying too much. Avatar deserves a rating of 9/10 from us but I am sure over time many more 3d productions will be released and would fare better but right now its No 1 for us both. The graphics were really good especially the Holy Garden and Tree and entire Forest that The Na'vis live in. Kel felt teary from watching the movie and the glasses. I saw him wiping his eyes a couple of times as there were tears coming. Right now he is like playing Taptap like Kayla at the back of me. They are so alike at times.

    Ok i will have to pen again as I am feeling aches on the back now. Till then toodles. Merry Xmas to all my dear ones.

    Hearts Dear
    1:05 PM

    Wednesday, December 23, 2009

    Kids are all back from Genting and its been a quiet week for us, we stayed indoors as the egg is about to crack anytime. Been getting contractions every now and then, so much so that I am getting used to it now and not the least afraid of the day to come.

    Kel just went out ahwile, will be back shortly to bring the kids back to Bedok and we can have some quiet time alone. Prob we'll catch Avatar tonight, we watched Bodyguards and Assasins yesterday, it was quite good I must say. We wanna watch the 3D version without the kids.. Keke

    Just finished doing the online EOP requirments for hiring of FDW. Took me about an hour, such a waster of time but have to do, its compulsory. Finished packing my maternity bag for that mad rush to the hospital too. So many things to do I tell u.. Last week we finished up with buying of the basics and making space for little Charlene to come along. Actually we still not decided on the name, we thought of Charlene but still not affiramtive on the spelling of the name. So lets see... 

    Ok for now, i need to catch up with my Aunt over the phone.. Toodles friends.. Will hope to post some pics from Xmas soon or who knows Labour Process and our little Arrival. Merry Xmas Dear All...

    Hearts Dear
    3:27 PM

    Wednesday, December 16, 2009

    My Beautiful Girl ~ Kayla

    Just Vain Me

    Blur but its me..


    Jonath & Mum

    Just e 3 of Us

    @ Orchard Central

     8 mths Preg Sabby

    Been spending alot of time at home lately.. Been unwell due to contractions and many others due to pregnancy = am about to embark on my ML tomorrow as well. This way I wil be able to rest properly and have some time to myself.

    Went to Dr Heng today and there went my entire day as I wa shaving contractions, had 4 contractions in 15 mins. Then there was another of Labour which I find too personal to write here. Tom morning Poor Kel has got to TCS and pick up my stuff as I need the rest at home and I am trying to avoid moving ard. Baby is considered very small for delivery and I am trying my best not to go into early labour.

    Its getting late now and I should really go rest as I tire so easily lately. Tata for now.

    Hearts Dear
    2:07 AM

    Monday, December 07, 2009

    Updating my blog quietly without any noise today, am at MIL place, Jonath @ Jurong and Kayla @ Bedok.

    Had dinner with them earlier and now I am just surfing and propping my feet on hgiher ground to stop the cramps. Missing both kids alot thou.. Kayla has been a handful lately, she has been stubborn and disobdient, been reading of the sites that Kids at her age which is 35 months are trying to have a charcter of their own, they may need a longer time to reason with and you have to explain to them in detail about many things. Its really a finding out yourself stage. Kids these days are really different from us in the past.

    I am looking forward to catch these movies which I hope will come soon before my bubble burst or at least after my 1 mth confinementt.

    I wonder why thera are all cartoons, I think i am getting younger but actually i feel like I am aging tremendously. Sighs.. I get lots of mixed emotions lately no idea why, i can be so happy now and unhappy the next. Think i am now a much quieter person except to Kel who I can rattle on non stop, at least, its not nagging.

    Time for me to go lie down now, back is aching and teeth has 4 - 5 cavities, losing calcium and dentist not willing to treat a preggie like me.

    Hearts Dear
    11:08 PM

    Sunday, December 06, 2009

    Been the longest time since i last updated here as my health has been poor and obviously I am like almost 8 mths preggers now. Its actually been a tough ride for me the last few mths, took lots of leave as well and am looking forward to our new arrival.

    Kel is still working till now as he is handling a big scale project. and should be returning late only after completing everything.

    I went with my aunt to 313 today, it feels great each time i go out with her as she will advise me to buy what i need and not want. Basically today I did not buy except for Greg's Xmas present and I have completed all my presents for all the kids back home. Xmas is season for sharing and giving, i always believe in this. Its the only time of the year where I truly feel at peace, i love the season so much. This year we are having a Xmas party back home, Mummy trina will cook Turkey as per Abi request and Chicken wings as per mine. I hope she does not make Popiah which seems rather off tune.

    My New Year Resolution, to recoup losses and to return what I need to. Its about time to straighten things up with our new arrival. You will lose and gain some, thats just the order of life i guess. Lets pray and hope for the best!

    Miss blogging so much, soon i will lots of time to blog and I will be able post many pics of my new arrival and my other two Precious. Toddles everyone, its pretty late now.

    Hearts Dear
    2:21 AM

    Just realized I had unposted pics in my blog.. how blur can i get la.. Anyway these were taken at BBQ at Pasir Ris. Food was good n we all enjoyed ourselves v much..

    Hearts Dear
    1:10 AM

    Thursday, September 10, 2009

    Collage of all my pictures taken on 7th Sept 09 at Royal Plaza on Scotts during Dinner, thanks guys for making it a memorable night. :)

    Hearts Dear
    7:08 AM